DGP + Woodworks

DGP + Woodworks was established in 2006 through the realization that there is a substantial need amongst the architectural and building community for quality wood products that are delivered as a finished product, without having to incur any costs on site except purchase and installation. With an efficient management & inventory system employed and the implementation of a project based supply chain, there are numerous advantages with regards to saving time, money, space & labor costs in any sized residential project.

Our teak wood products cater to the entire framework and finishing of any sized residential project, which can be cut and customized in respect to any design requirements that our clients may have. This added advantage makes this one-stop solution a convenient and cost saving opportunity to architects, builders and homeowners alike.

Our main products include:
  • Door Frames & Shutters
  • Window Frames & Shutters
  • Wardrobe Frames & Shutters
  • Flooring
  • Architraves (Beading)
  • Skirtings

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