The Team

DGP - Karachi

Samar Ali Khan – CEO / Principal Architect - ( Bachelor of Architecture, University of Houston, Texas, USA )

After completing his B.Arch from the University of Houston and almost three decades of dedicated work in the industry, Samar Ali Khan has developed into an architect who has stood out amongst his peers and has worked on countless projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional fields of design. His organic and personal approach has created a reputation built on understanding and trust, which ensures a harmonious balance between design aesthetics and each client’s functional needs.

Rafi Ahmed – Associate Architect - ( Master of Architecture, Washington University, St.Louis, MO, USA )

Rafi Ahmed is an avid professional with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Washington University who has been the core support of the principal for over 10 years now. He has varied experience in all aspects of design with a particular passion in the domain of Interior Design whilst also engaged in teaching at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture.

Rafia Dadi – Associate Architect - ( Bachelor of Architecture, N.E.D (UET), Karachi, Pakistan )

Rafia Dadi is one of the most highly dedicated team members in the organization today. She is observant and highly conscious of each and every client’s requirements, typically going the extra mile to understand and implement the ideas and decisions they require. With a Bachelors in Architecture from NED and vast experience with other architectural firms, Rafia never disappoints and always delivers.

Samina Raza – Client Services Director - ( Bachelor of Home Sciences, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan )

Mrs. Raza has been handling all of DGP’s clients since her arrival in 2007. Her thoroughly efficient approach to managing each client’s needs provides the company with a clear framework on the progress of all on-going projects as well as the key office management functions that keeps DGP running operationally and effectively in all facets of the organization.

Noman Faisal Dar – Structural Engineer - ( Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), N.E.D (UET) University, Karachi, Pakistan )

Noman Faisal Dar is the core technical mind of DGP. He is a man who has provides all the back-end support and supervision for all construction projects that DGP caters to and provides all the project management functions which ensures all work goes according to plan on time and within budget. With over 15 years worth of experience on various building types, Noman provides an invaluable amount of technical information to all domains in the DGP family.

Subhan Ali Khan – Strategic Director - ( Bachelor of Communication, University of Canberra, Australia )

After spending over 5 years in the advertising industry, Subhan Ali Khan now handles DGP’s strategic content, administrative & human resource decision making, marketing and PR related functions. With his relentless search for constant improvements, DGP is now set to enter its new phase of evolution by implementing a more focused and systematic approach.

Mohammad Raza – Project Director - ( Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Windsor, Canada )

With over 4 years experience in handling an extensive number of projects from start to finish, Mohammad Raza is a versatile, highly observant and knowledgeable project manager that ensures each project’s progress is running on time, within budget and under constant supervision.

Shahid Fazal – Administration - ( Masters in Commerce, Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan )

With over 4 years experience in handling an extensive number of projects from start to finish, Mohammad Raza is a versatile, highly observant and knowledgeable project manager that ensures each project’s progress is running on time, within budget and under constant supervision.

Hasan Raza – Accounting - ( Bachelor of Commerce, Karachi University, Karachi, Pakistan )

As the second longest serving member of the DGP team, Hasan Raza is the brains behind all the financial, procurement and supply chain operations within the organization. With 15 years of experience at DGP, he is another invaluable employee that helps to form contingencies and provide quick solutions in every facet of DGP’s on-going processes.


Each individual in DGP’s studio staff has varied experience in all kinds of technical and hands on execution of work and operations. Their prowess lies in their exceptional knowledge of several software’s including AutoCad, Revit Architecture, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Sketchup and their ability to assess and execute work on-site.

  • Ayub
  • Zahid Rabbani
  • Athar Shafi
  • Mohammad Waseem
  • Inderyas Manzoor
  • Mohammad Mehtab

Clerical Staff

All office environments work smoothly and efficiently owing to the skills of each and every individual employee. Our office clerks have a wide range of skills that help to make the DGP family more productive and harmonious in its day to day activities.

  • Nasim
  • Manoj
  • Javed

DGP - Islamabad

Ali Asghar Khan – Partner | Principal Architect ( BA (Hons), DipArch (Hons), RIBA, PCATP )

Ali Asghar Khan is a founding partner of Design Group Practice (DGP) and is currently the Principal Architect at the firm’s Islamabad office. In 1983, after completing his degree in Architecture from Greenwhich University, London, Ali was elected as a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. After working with the Department of Architecture & Planning, London Borough of Hackney for a couple of years he returned to Pakistan and joined Lari Associates in Karachi. In 1986, Ali started his own practice by the name of Design Unit, which managed a large portfolio of diverse project including residences, commercial buildings and educational institutes. In 1990 he set up the partnership firm Design Group Practice (DGP) along with Architect Samar Ali Khan.

Yahya Nasir Rathore – Associate Architect - ( B Arch, MPM, PCATP )

Yahya Rathore joined DGP’s Islamabad studio in 1994 after completing his B.Arch from Lahore. Having completed a Masters degree in Project Management, in 2013, has added further value to his two decades of work experience in the field. Being an integral part of the design team, he has been involved in all major projects taken up by the Islamabad studio and has overlooked projects from the concept and planning stage all the way to completion.

Abdullah Omar Asghar Khan - Project Architect - ( B Arch, M Arch (AA), PCATP, IAP )

Abdullah Omar Asghar Khan received a Masters of Architecture degree from the prestigious Architecture Association School in London and returned to Pakistan in 2013 to join our Islamabad studio. He graduated in 2009 from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture and joined Arcop Associates in Karachi. During his time at Arcop he worked on a number of high profile projects, ranging from urban planning to high-end commercial projects.

Muneer Ahmed - Administration

After graduating from the Punjab University in 1993 followed by diploma in Computer Science in 1994 from Punjab Technical Board, Muneer Ahmed began his professional career with DGP Islamabad in March 1995. For the past 18 years he has lead all supportive functions including finance, contract management, procurement and IT, along with looking over all administrative issues of the office.

Abid Mehmood - Site Engineer

With a diploma in Associate Engineering, Abid Mehmood joined DGP Islamabad in 2009, with nearly 20 years of prior work experience, His core responsibilities include regular site visits to keep a check on quality and execution of work on site along with making sure all work is being carried out as per drawings.